Scorpion Queen Boss in the silvermines is no longer spawning

On my private server for some time now the scorpion queen has not spawned in the silvermine dungeon.
Within the last 2 or 3 patches the scorpion queen stopped spawning.
PvE-Conflict server.
United States.

Scorpion Queen Boss not Spawning

There is no repeat process. The boss is not Spawning Period. After server reset or otherwise.

Has anyone built anything in the area? Any mods?

No Mods, and noone has built close enough to the dungeon to see it as a issue.
Silver nodes outside it are still there. Plus the queen was gone before anyone got close to building near it.

I just killed her yesterday.

On official servers (PvE-Conflict-EU) she spawns regular, it seems somthing related to the settings of your private server, even if I don’t know, without mods, what could be the difference with official servers.

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