Scorpion Queen Venom

I know Scorpion Queen venom glands are used for making the applicable weapon poison, but what purpose the the Scorpion Queen Venom serve? It says ingredient but for what?


So far I haven’t discovered anything else, you take the recipe from the dungeon and you learn how to fix the queen venom bottles, that’s it.

The green glue, that has the same artwork as the ichor?
I’d like to know too. I have a cr@pton of them, but they just take up space seemingly.

@stelagel can you repair the actual reaper poisons bottles (that you apply to the weapons)? Like it is ona weapon, and only 1 poisonous strike left out of 10, so you just drag the green glue onto it, and now you have 10 strikes again or what?


I#M not sure, if I understand your question right, but it’s called “ingredient” because it’s “applicable”? (You need the poison and a dagger to “make” a poison dagger)
Scorpion Queen Venom

Since the bug I never used it again. These extra materials came after 2.4 in consoles, but to be honest after 2.4 I stopped playing pvp. In Siptah I use feroxic and in exile lands the festering one, only pve. Some materials in Siptah are still to be discovered I guess. What I stated was only for exile lands since every single material there, has a reason or two.
The last days I help some old players to go out of their box in exile lands in a pve server. I noticed some minor changes, for example one chest with grey lotus added in the dragonbone recipe dungeon, or to the passage from north to jungle the reptile skeleton is behind the door killing you before you even spawn, making this passage with epic armor and thrall only :wink:. I will play exile lands again for a week and I believe that I will find more changes. But the abysmal boss is working almost without bugs and that’s beautiful.
So count on the fact that I will pass by the Queen scorpion for sure, so i’ll let you know.
I really missed exile lands and I will reproduce the words of @Taemien for survival games, that starting fresh is the best. It is.


*Khosatral Khel :wink: The lore is indeed very cool for that one - though for those familiar with the story, there’s a slight irritation since it very clearly should be a curved knife rather than a straight sword. Devil in Iron is a great story (pretty sure that’s the right one :wink: I’m sure someone will correct me if I’ve got mixed up), well worth a read :slight_smile:

Interesting - in singleplayer he is still at the bottom of the staircase, unless that changed with 2.7 (I’ll have to go take a look :slight_smile: )

Is it spitting correctly on servers? There’s a bug at least on singleplayer that the Abyssal Remnant (and salamanders and spiders) does the spitting animation but nothing comes out and no damage is done. I wonder if that’s a difference between servers and singleplayer or a difference between PS and PC.

It certainly is :slight_smile: (And welcome ‘home’ :slight_smile: )


@DanQuixote, Almost without bugs, the fight now is possible to be done with the boss, because all you have to do when it attacks is to hold your shield, so either the animations are clear or not it is a minor issue I guess. The npcs in the gate are not suncked anymore, so your fight is more clean. Yesterday I joined these players in their exile lands server so I had to do my crazy run again after at least 6 months, it was so beautiful, I really missed it, again lvl 0 to 33, so beautiful. Today I will farm them berserkers and star metal, but first I will fix them a fishing hut to gain special fishes, my wife needs shopping now and my face is on the ground, it is raining here, a perfect day for Conan :rofl::rofl::rofl:. In 2 hours I guess :wink:.


I remember when I started the game the only sword I was using was at the very beginning, the stone sword. But to be honest it took me one and a half year to learn that the game had target lock :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I am slow, I know it. Back then the 2 handed sword was my great love, the combo was awesome. But I had issues at nights and dungeons, plus I didn’t knew about the argosean dream dust, the mask or the night vision potions. Oh I miss this combo, though it was not so accurate it had a finishing to remember.
Nice days.
Bottom line, I really agree with buff in some weapons, the possibilities now are open.

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I dunno either, but I have too much of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I ate some of it and nothing seems different? No health was lost. ~=shrug=~

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@TeleTesselator , Did you try to eat it while you were poisoned? Maybe it works as an antidote :man_shrugging:.

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Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that.

It drops so FC must have had some plan or purpose for it. It seems completely undocumented tho. There is one image of it on the Wiki attached to a link which goes to the equivalent of “Blank Page”. So either they never followed through with whatever it was supposed to do or it used to do something that is no longer in the game. Or, they just didn’t document it and still no one has figured it out in order to explain it anywhere searchable. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a conundrum inside an enigma wrapped in mystery! :crazy_face:

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