Venom-Infused Weapons on Isle of Siptah

Has anyone managed to loot the Sandbeast bile gland on the Isle of Siptah map, after the 2.3 update?

I know there was a post on this roughly 5-6 months ago stating that they weren’t in the map. Just wondering if the bile gland was added to the loot table after the update.

Feels a little strange being able to learn the venom weapons without actually being able to craft them.

Was thinking the same thing. I mean is this some kind of teasing us, “here nice weapon scrolls, but hehe sorry, not possible to find ingredients”. Unless they did add some kind of way to earn them in Spitah with the patch, but i havent so far found any.

Funcom mentioned in their devstream, that they are planning on adding some of the missing materials when they release the new lands.

On another note, there are so many other poisoned weapons on IoS, why not use some of those instead?

What other permanent poisoned weapons are there other than the “acidic” weapons that don’t exhibit the same effect? Please share! :slight_smile:

Why couldn’t Funcom just add all the ingredients when they add the recipes? Or not add the recipes untill the ingredients are ready?

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There are Poison/Bleed stacking daggers from one of the vaults. Feroix or something like that. in-fact i think all those weapons poison.

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Any news? I am quite interested, we did so far after the patch the big camp near the tower and several vaults, no glands

Try the Venomdrenched Gladius or the Venomcoated Blade.

Or the new Feroxic weapons…or the Bitter Bite. Far superior weapons to the old poison weapons in every aspect.

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