Scout your enemies: Building a simple spyglass


Great idea, implement it funcom!


I’d like to reiterate that I believe many of us would be perfectly happy if “thrown a bone” of just giving us something that uses the “bow zoom” that already existed in “Live” for so long. Magnification ranges, item tiers, lens distortion, glare, shadowing the field of view to appear as though through a “round device”, etc., could come later, if at all.

I also like xx_alucard’s nameplate idea for players and NPCs alike, but as an included function. I’ve a difficult time seeing nameplates even when nearly atop NPCs at times and have to move around them before it appears.

Which reminds me, have any of you ever wanted a nameplate or some way of knowing what a creature type is when you see it or once you’ve killed it other than if it gives you a head when harvested? Or would that be too immersion breaking?

I realize we learn what most things are once we’ve played awhile, but that addition might be nice. In fact, was there ever a time, long ago, when the creatures had nameplates once killed? Or is that a happy daydream of mine or me just thinking of human NPCs?


Nah… 2 glass (shaped glass maybe for the lenses) a piece of skin (leather) and a rope (twine)
Just how Morgan Freeman did in Robin hood… :smiley:


I had to let Rotbranch kill me, just to know what its name was…
When farming thralls, sometimes you nearly kill the named one before realizing whom it is…

I can snipe npc’s from a distance just fine without the zoom (or accuracy points), but this eyeglass idea (a wooden shaft, leather, glass and twine) that would allow the old bow zoom distance with the ability to read name plates would be AMAZING! I could see the ability to scout out a camp and see if it’s worth raiding, and to know where the potential victim will be before storming in, swords slashing. This would be the best (besides the combat update) quality of life enhancement to be added to the existing game.


Glass, Shaped wood, leather, twine… there you go! - spoken like Gus Portokalos


Yes. Most definitely. I’ve been killed and nearly so several times as well. But not while trying to see if it is a unique thrall, rather the sudden pause from shock and excitement at finding one unexpectedly then scrambling around trying to think how to avoid killing it while getting pounded. It rarely happens anymore, but that is more due to the fact that in this “supposed to be brutal by design” game I must tiptoe and go at these situations all soft and gingerly because I am effectively blind as to what or whom lies ahead even in the most open of areas.

I’ve also killed quite a few unique thralls myself because of never seeing who it is until the very end or by the time I do, the fat lady has already sung.

Sure, I’m exaggerating a bit, but occasionally you must dip your meat in savory sauce before you can get some to swallow it. The biggest point is I firmly believe that were we able to ask the entire player base about interest in this idea of a “spyglass” and the mechanics/functions being discussed, only a tiny percentage, if any, would be against it and a follow up study would prove that a high percentage of those against it suffered significant fontanel damage as an infant.

In all seriousness, usually only a low percentage of the population visit forums and of those, only a rare few read every thread or even the first page or do more than lurk. Which is fine, of course. I lurk/have lurked in quite a few forums. It’s actually my SOP until I feel I’ve reached a certain level of comfort.

Er, umm. Bit of tangent there.

Spyglass FTW!


No that will only make the map smaller.


An airplane… THAT would make the map smaller, nothing else… :slight_smile:

Dude Do you read at all?
“that would allow the old bow zoom distance”

That was like IDK 1.2x ? And it has nothing to do with the map size (which will eventually grow with the 2 new area anyways)

Edit: Anyway. I noticed some bugs surrounding these nameplates. Sometimes they are absolutely show nothing. Even tho I double checked in setup and have them ON. So maybe if it would be a consistent show (from a bit affar) could help a huge deal by itself. (although I like spyglasses so gimme… :smiley: )


After messing around with the load distance, it looks like whole buildings load in altogether, rather than just as individual pieces. So something like this seems like it would work technically pretty well — even if it has a rather high zoom. Could even go up to 5x, perhaps. I was worried before that this would let you view an x-ray vision of enemy bases, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I think it would be a cool tool to emphasize that you’re ‘scouting out’ your enemies. Imagine that you’ve been tracking them for days, watching their activities, and discerning where each thrall ranks on their pecking order. You can tell that these fighters have more swagger, and that these crafters work in steel.



And let us never forget the ever elusive solution to the mystery of what those two were up to at that cauldron!

Will everyone’s favorite silver haired captain finally get the decent camp cook he’s sought for so long?

Is that fiery redhead really Old Man Witherspoon in a mask?

Tune in next week with Skeevy-Doo and the rest of that zany gang of relic hunters from Acheronian Mystery, Inc. to find out!

Zacharas Zul certainly will!


If ark could handle spyglasses, conan should be able to. I just want to be able to see the level of a group of thralls before charging in so i know if i want to keep one