Scuttler's Shortcut, new box

Hi everybody, I recently discovered Scuttler’s Shortcut, entered the cave and killed the spider. Everything easy so far. I read that people have problems to find the box for the skeleton key, well it’s right next to the plattform where the spider spawns hidden behind a pillar. I found a some more boxes. One right next to the box with the weapon. It’s smaller and unlike every box I found in the game until now. Problem is I cannot open it. If you look around in the cave you will find some more boxes hidden in places where you would have to climb which is not allowed in the cave. I managed to get a blue and green crystal out of it. They look similar to the crystals used to make glass or salt. Here is my question, does anybody know how to open the small box next to the plattform and did anyone manage to get to the other boxes and how. Thanks

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You use the crystals from the boxes higher up (jumping puzzles) to open the box down below and get a chance of either black or white dye.

What Decado said.

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