Secret Twitter is Waiting

It’s hard to imagine a Secret World without Twitter, the two seem to go hand in hand. Twitter is the the quick communication medium for all kinds of Secret World activity. Want to be advised about upcoming Secret World events? Twitter. Want to find a people to Role-play with? Twitter. Have a desire to group up and play the game with like minded people in a Cabal? Twitter. For every, Faction, Character, DJ, Radio Station, Creature, Feature, Cat, Rat, Dog, Dreaming One, Filth Infected Being, or Sinister Corporation there is bound to be some Twitter representative that players can interact with outside of game play or arrange to have an in-game rendezvous.

So this is the place to let others on the forums know who you are in “Secret Twitter”. Looking forward to meeting more fellow tweeters here.

My Main Characters

:dragon: Team Green is @Caerfinon Jon “Caerfinon” Hawkins
:dog2: Team Adorable is @JacTSWK9 Jac (the wonder dog)

You may also know my alts:

:templar: Team Red is @Wellington_SWL Arthur “Wellington” Wellesley (yes him :slight_smile:)

:lumie: Team Blue is @Wollstncrft_SWL Mary “Wollstonecraft” Goodwin (FUN FACT: the initial name filter on SWL wouldn’t let her last name be either Shelley or Godwin so I picked her current name as a compromise. When they changed the filter rules I decided to keep the name she already had)

:dragon: Team Green is @ReadyCameraOne Jimmy “ReadyCameraOne” Olsen (mostly a second camera angle for screenshots for comic book creation)

And lastly my publishing account, @LgndryTlsComics Legendary Tales Comics


It’s a shy bunch around here, apparently. I’ll bite. I’m @BlodweddMallory on Twitter.


I’m @WrynnSWL, but I keep meaning to use the account more. It’s a weird not quite in character, not quite out, but RP is fine!

Double fun fact: The original Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is buried in the town centre where I live!


Huh, an odd sense of deja vu.

Naturally there’s Kyle: Tiger_Kle
His husband: James GP_Hemsworth
Temple Hall: Temple_Hall
The Dragon: Unknown_Pattern
The Illuminati: BPaperworker

And a myriad of others. The above are the most active though. (I’ll add links when I wake up properly)


Here are my Secret Twitter people!

:templar: Team Red: djashamar Ashton “Ashcross” Maraban AKA DJ Asha
:fist_right: Team WBF: TechnomancerThe The Technomancer, Ash’s World Battle Federation persona

:templar: Team Red: CattivoVictor Victor “Cattivo” Mancini, Ash’s Step-Father
:templar: Team Red: mancini_regina Regina “Cruciata” Mancini, Ash’s Mother

:bird: : Team Phoenix: ClubPhoenixSWL Club Phoenix Entertainment Cabal


I’m really bad at keeping up with Twitter and I don’t even have an account for my main, but I do have:

:templar: (mostly OOC)



I created the account to peek at the twitterverse, then sort of forgot about it except for the occasional OOC thing. I will be more well (or badly) behaved in future :stuck_out_tongue:


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Better late than never :slight_smile:

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