Secret World Reading List


I didn’t see this reading list thread, I should have posted here.

My personal favourite is probably Imajica just for the scale and scope of it, but Weaveworld is a close second. His mix of horror and fantasy is just perfect.


I came here to recommend Weaveworld, but you beat me to it. It’s a great story that I rarely see mentioned.


A Teenager in Hell, she has flip flops…


The “Rivers of London” books by Ben Aaronovitch. - they are like Harry Dresden meets The Bill (an old London based police tv series for those not from the UK) I think there’s about six of these by now as well as a couple of Graphic Novels. For me they have much more of a secret world feel to them than the Dresden books do.


How could you guys compile a list like this and NOT include Neil Gaiman?


The Invisibles by Grant Morrison is almost identical to the Secret World mythos:


What is the name of the character holding the pistol?


It’s not the best written novel ever, but it surprised the heck out of me by being an actually decent piece of fiction, and one I would actually recommend to people interested in the genera (provided, as always, you have a decent B.S. Filter). It doesn’t really get (real life) political or preachy (Fake Life, is another matter, it can get both there) and has a decent bit of action going on.


If we are talking Grant Morrison, then it would be crazy (snicker) not to mention his iconic run of The Doom Patrol, one of the greatest Comics ever written. As far as I’m concerned, it’s right up there with Watchmen and Identity Crisis.


Kingmob is holding the pistol :slight_smile:


Doom Patrol is indeed an amazing run. Invisibles, however, is the exact same subject matter, and ends in SPOILERS Kingmob creating a modern world occultish MMO!