A GRIM, ODD ARCANE SKY: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available June 17, 2021)

A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 6)

Filth takes everything and keeps it
Wretched black, it ruins.
Beyond the mist,
the harbor lists–
The islanders’ undoing.

The fog, undaunted, dreams a secret
Alas, it brings draugr nigh.
Above the heavens
Stew and leaven–
A grim, odd arcane sky.

Templar agents Wedd and Sev are back on Solomon Island headed for Blue Mountain, hot on the heels of Tyler Freeborn. The eccentric blogger’s investigations into the weird happenings on the island have put him firmly in the crosshairs of the Orochi Group, which is determined to shut him up.

But, fearful that signs of a looming apocalyptic event are related to the end of the Mayan calendar, the Illuminati also send a team to the island, led by Wedd’s former best friend Gypcie.
Wedd and Sev must beat the clock to find the missing blogger and avoid confrontation with a rival Illuminati team at all costs.

It’s a race against time and each other to see which faction gets answers first. Between the Filth, the fog, the zombies, and the draug, there’s no telling what will happen. Will they be able to save the small Maine island surrounded by a grim, odd arcane sky?


This novel is an unofficial, fictionalized story involving in-game missions and gameplay available in Secret World Legends and/or The Secret World . It is a labor of love from a fan of both games.

Author: @Blodwedd
Cover: @HolloPoint

Available for preorder on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0968P4P71/ .

This is an unofficial story set in the Secret World, but the IP is used under a licensed agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.


Also, check out @HolloPoint’s fabulous animation (as well as musical contributions from Sophie Claussen and Jamie Gael) in the book’s video teaser!


Clicked, and ordered, congratulations, Blodwedd! I bought one for every tentacle and eye stock!


Yay! Thanks @HolloPoint!




I personally am very excited for the introduction of a well known Lumie into the series, if any Lumie is worth writing about it’s absolutely him!! :upside_down_face:


Can not contain myself, come on @Funcom its book 6! Surely this type of longevity deserves a splash screen slot or mention?

Well done @Blodwedd for being a genius in taking the stories of TSW/SWL into a new, yet familiar and much needed reinvigorating, revitalising height - that surpassed the bar set by the game.
(Which was pretty high for me on the story telling side. The writers for this games plots and stories were and are still the best in not only the MMO genre, but in all of the genres in my opinion. No other game has compared to it’s exceptional quality of that)

Wedd’s books build and add even more depth to these stories, which highlight not only the amazing strengths of what we have played already from our own perspectives, but Wedd’s incredible talent to do what was seemingly the impossible - And quite frankly, has proved her capability so far, 6 times over with this series.

EAGERLY awaiting this next book!!


I am a little speechless, @Rizzle. And so thankful for your kind words. This truly has been a labor of love and, as you reference, the best part has been proving REPEATEDLY as I dug into what is seen but unnarrated by NPC or mission text in game that every detail really is aligned with the whole story. I spent quite a few hours trying to translate the Younger Furthark inscriptions on the runestones in “Strangers from a Strange Land” in this book. I’m here to say that they DO tell the story. (Spoiler alert for Book 6 - you’ll be able to read my attempted “translations.”)

I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the series and I can say this is one of the best so far (particularly if you like lots of action and [tagging @Dreamingwolf ] the occasional Moose. :wink:


A Grim, Odd Arcane Sky: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World launches today, June 17. The sixth story in the series is available in eBook copy on Amazon now! The paperback version is coming very soon.


And the paperback version is available as of this morning US time.


Im gonna have to buy the book to know who that lumie is


My only issue is that it is not an actual paper book. Hard Cleft was a joy to read because I could flip the pages to my heart’s content.



Never fear, @Farrier - you can purchase the paperback now too. Using the links above you should get the option for the paperback, as long as you’re in one of the countries in which Amazon offers paperback fulfillment. If you’re not, PM me and we’ll figure out how I can send you a copy.

TY, Blodwedd,

I shall figure it out and work Amazon like a borrowed mule.


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