INTO THE INFERNO: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available Oct. 25, 2019)

INTO THE INFERNO is available for pre-order NOW on Amazon in eBook format!

Hadad Laveau thinks he’s in hell.

Dragon agent Renee Hadad Laveau has anger problems—and a new partner sure to make him lose his cool.

When he’s assigned to investigate reports of fiery rifts on Red Oak Beach, Hadad is certain that training new agent Saffey Williams won’t make the job any easier. The Dragon are hard taskmasters and have no tolerance for failure. He’s learned that himself the hard way.

But there’s no training manual for this problem. Killing demons, trying to close the rifts, and chasing down a rogue magician leaves Hadad with no room for error—and no patience for a new agent’s mistakes. He can’t afford to let this trail go cold.

In a secret world where everything is true and old gods roam the Earth, Hadad and Saffey must work together to find where the portal magus has opened the door to the hell dimensions and left it open. Failure will mean the end of everything.

Hadad thinks he’s in hell. Turns out he’s about to be right.

INTO THE INFERNO - Book 4 of the Unofficial Legends of The Secret World

This novel is an unofficial, fictionalized story involving in-game missions and gameplay available in Secret World Legends and/or The Secret World. It is a labor of love from a fan of both games.

Author: Blodwedd “Wedd” Mallory
Cover: @HolloPoint

This full-length Dragon novel is available for pre-order on Amazon in eBook format. Visit for more information!

This is an unofficial story set in the Secret World, but the IP is used under licensed agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.


Great news, Wedd! I’m torn between getting the e-book or the physical copy :slight_smile: I’ll probably get both, I can read while rendering or flobbing on the couch :slight_smile:


I definitely vote for both. :wink:


Just a quick note, folks… since the first book in the series is available now for free (for a limited time) I urge you to go get from Amazon! “To Sir With Love” is a great book and we are all looking for fresh vibs from the SWL Universe! So why not! (Kindle Version).


Thanks, @HolloPoint for helping get the word out there!

For a limited time - From Oct. 24-28, you can get TO SIR, WITH LOVE for FREE on Amazon in eBook format for a very few days to celebrate the first anniversary of its release!


Also, if you’re interested, you can listen to an audio sample of INTO THE INFERNO’s prologue here:


INTO THE INFERNO: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 4) is available NOW sale on Amazon in eBook and Paperback format today!

In other news, Blodwedd Mallory joined The Zero Point Report and Secret World writer Joshua Alan Doetsch in their Twitch stream Oct. 24 discussing Funcom’s new game, Moons of Madness, and INTO THE INFERNO!

You can listen to the stream at…/a2033f14923519f32a6294600e081a5….


If you’re interested in picking up a copy at a discounted price, INTO THE INFERNO is on a Kindle Countdown Deal until the launch of HARD CLEFT on Oct. 29th! Check out this universal link to your local Amazon page: Into the Inferno: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World

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