LONDON UNDERGROUND: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available Jan. 31, 2019)


When she leaves Innsmouth Academy to join with the Templars, Blodwedd “Wedd” Mallory hopes to finish her training and be assigned to the field as an agent like her mother. But, will her chances be sidelined by Special Assignment Supervisor Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn and Master-of-Arms Brigadier George Lethe when a deadly supernatural bomb in Tokyo throws the world into an uproar and her mother goes missing?

A thousand years ago, knights gathered in the Holy Land, drawn to the purported site of the First Temple, King Solomon’s Temple.

From all over Christendom, men heeded the call for brave, true fighters to protect those pilgrims who could not protect themselves. To defend the values of their way of life. To cast the infidels out.


Blodwedd Mallory is not yet a Templar, but she wants to be.

She wants to fight dragons and knows they can be beaten. She’s heard the stories.

“For England and St. George!”

What Wedd has forgotten is that back in those days, knighthood was granted by the rulers of the kingdoms, by those who wanted land and power for themselves.

She has already received a higher calling from Gaia to look beyond the mundane into the hidden magical corners of the secret world. To hear the buzzing of the anima and traverse the world tree, Agartha. To rise up and join those like her to protect humanity. To push back the gathering forces of darkness threatening life everywhere.

Wedd may get what she thinks she wants. She may even have the chance to prove she’s brave and true, fight the war against darkness, and cast enemies from the Temple.

But she has already received a higher calling—from Gaia herself. Wedd just doesn’t know what that means yet.

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This novel is an unofficial, fictionalized story involving in-game missions and gameplay available in Secret World Legends and/or The Secret World. It is a labor of love from a fan of both games.

Author: Blodwedd “Wedd” Mallory
Cover: HolloPoint

This 307-page novel is available for pre-order now on Amazon at Visit for more information!

This is an unofficial story set in the Secret World, but the IP is used under licensed agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.


Can’t wait to get a read at the book, Blodwedd :slight_smile: I’ve got my recliner chair on order, a few bottles of beer deliciously chilled and some good music sorted out. Bring on your further adventures!


I don’t want to spoil the fun, but there are cameos from a couple of Templars–they know who they are!–and a few Dragon and Loomie PVPers in this story as well. :smiley:


And the book is live today on Amazon! The paperbook should follow shortly. It was twice as long as the first one, so I had to adjust the layout to make it a little more affordable. Sorry for the delay!


Very cool, though it still keeps startling me every time I see it(Since my Templar is named Blodeuwedd)


And for those who are interested, the paperback version of LONDON UNDERGROUND is now available on Amazon:


There were no “Legends” in Secret World Legends…Until @Blodwedd Wrote them into existence.
Now, now we have Legends…


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Just came in the mail. Looking forward to reading these! Thanks @Blodwedd


Yay! Thanks for the support! I hope you love them. :star_struck: :heart: