MEGAversary 3 Blodwedd Mallory Book Raffle (e-books)

If you are not aware of this Blodwedd Mallory has written four books based on the Secret World. Here is a chance for you to win 1 of the four books that are currently available. Links to the books are:

There is also a special introductory short story:

The books will be sent to the eventual winners through Amazon, I think there are region restrictions on this, so US and Euro Zones only. I’m sorry about that :frowning: Although we might be able to work something out but, no promises on this.

The rules are simple:

1 Entry per person, state your Character Name and Region and which book you would like. We will ask in Private Message for your details should you win. The books will be sent out as soon as possible after the raffle is drawn.

You can post your character name and region below, send an in game mail stating “Book Raffle” or send a PM though the forums to HolloPoint.

Event Runs from now until 8th July 23:59 British Summer Time. Please get your name in before this deadline!

This is a great opportunity to get some great books!


Hullo, I’d like to enter as Trichelieu (which to say myself), located in Europe, for To Sir, With Love.

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Please add me to the raffle :slight_smile:

To Sir, With Love.

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Heya :slight_smile:
My main character in SWL is Milreela and I am from Europe
the book: [INTO THE INFERNO] :smile:
ps… add me to the raffle :grin:

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Ahloon. I’m located in US.

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Character name: Lewenhart
Region: Europe
Book: To Sir, With Love

Big thanks to all those involved in the MEGAversary for creating these events and raffles. University trouble and other life things prevent me from joining the events, but through the raffles, I can at least tangentially participate. :slight_smile:

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Pilinde, US region, To Sir with Love.

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North America
London Underground

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