DEAD IN THE WATER: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available May 31, 2019)

When Blodwedd Mallory returns to her old stomping grounds to deal with the supernatural menace threatening Solomon Island, she expects to spend her time killing zombies and helping the survivors in Kingsmouth. But, will her attempts to investigate the mysterious fog and the invading draug horde be thwarted by her tardy Templar partner, a dangerous contagion, and an old flame, Dragon agent Renee “Hadad” Laveau?

Independence Day. A time for fireworks and family. A celebration of the indomitable spirit of the men and women who fought for freedom to build their own nation.

Nearly 400 years to build its foundations since settlers first landed on Plymouth Rock have made America strong. Patriots and soldiers stand ready to rebuff invaders from its shores.

But this invasion is different. You can’t fight what won’t die. You can’t kill what’s already dead.

Long before the immigrants, Vikings landed on these shores. And they brought with them ships and strong men to explore the boundaries of this new coastline, far to the west of their homelands. They brought their traditions and stories to sustain them on the journey.

Some didn’t make it back.

The ocean is full of the remains of those brave explorers, those wooden longboats. And other, darker things.

The Viking stories tell what happens to the angry dead lost at sea. So do the seagulls and the tide—if you know how to listen.

The dead are coming back to Solomon Island.

I am about to learn the old stories firsthand.

See @HolloPoint ’s Book Teaser Animation here.

DEAD IN THE WATER is a full-length novel in the Unofficial Legends of The Secret World series and involves in-game missions and gameplay available in Secret World Legends and The Secret World . It is a labor of love from a fan of both games.

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DEAD IN THE WATER is an unofficial story set in the Secret World universe, but the IP is used under licensed agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.


The setting sounds perfect! I’m really looking forwards to this chapter of Wedd and her allies. I’m getting the kindle and book version, it’s just easier to read on screen for me rather than a physical read as I’m practically always at the 'puter.

I highly recommend this, it’s great to have our world put into words, words being the blacksmith of realms beyond imagination!

Thanks, Blodwedd… may there be many more journeys along this longest road :slight_smile:


Thanks, @HolloPoint. If I dare say so, this is the best book so far. And the cover is MAGNIFICENT! :wink: I appreciate your kind words.


Well you know how i love to have a real book in my hands @Blodwedd, but i made an exception for Dead In The water, coz i just can’t wait until the paper versions are ready :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay! @Sevenoir! Can’t wait to hear what you think :smiley:

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I can top that. That’s why I bought myself an ebook! Couldn’t wait for the book - and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s great again.
And Plimmy is right, the picture of the ur-draug is sweet.
It’s really crazy how the pictures in my head pop up when I read a scene I played myself. Actually, you know exactly what happens next (outside character history), but it’s still exciting and nice to read from someone else’s perspective. Great work.


<3 Thank you so much @HZubi . I’m starting to think about Book 4 now…and spoiler alert I think it will have a pretty significant Dragon story…

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