HARD CLEFT: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Available Oct. 29, 2020)

Hard Cleft: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World (Book 5)

Wedd is seeking a sword. Not just any sword.

A sword that can start wars and end them.
A sword that can break worlds or mend them.
A sword that calls out to the living and the dead.

Having confronted cosmic evil and discovered what she thinks is the cause of the zombie outbreak in Kingsmouth, Wedd is ready to get back to work. She’s anxious to follow the trail of the glowing artifact recovered by the crew of the Lady Margaret, a ship which has since disappeared.

But, with her mother still missing, her father a mystery, a rogue sorcerer on the loose, and tensions between the factions at an all-time high, she may be facing more bad news than she can bear.

She is cut off from her friends. Her partnership with Sevenoir is strained. The Templars are hiding the truth about her family. With no one to turn to, she may have to go it alone.

Will she find the sword, but lose something far more important?


This novel is an unofficial, fictionalized story involving in-game missions and gameplay available in Secret World Legends and/or The Secret World. It is a labor of love from a fan of both games.

Author: @Blodwedd
Cover: @HolloPoint

Available for preorder on Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KPSN1CJ/.

This is an unofficial story set in the Secret World, but the IP is used under licensed agreement with Funcom Oslo AS.




Pre-ordered :slight_smile:

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The ebook is live on Amazon today! The paperback should be live shortly.

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