Separate keys for follower orders from interaction

This just makes the interface futzy. When I’m unsure what I’m interacting with, I definitely don’t want to give my follower orders. When I’m trying to pick up many small items from the ground, I definitely don’t want my follower walking directly over the ground I’m picking them up from. And when a massive pet with no awareness of personal space has swallowed me in their hit box, I definitely don’t want to interact with their inventory – I want them to move!


I’m guessing you’re not on pc? I ask, because that option already exists on pc, which hopefully means it shouldn’t be too hard to add for other platforms. It definitely should be an option that is available on all platforms (if it isn’t already). And so should the option to separate mount and inventory, still a perpetual frustration.


It does? I’m on a PC and every so often if I’m not careful my follower or my mount will block an exit and I’m stuck. What’s the optional key to make them move instead of opening their inventory and how do you point to a location outside a small enclosure when the only view is being blocked?


That’s the easy bit - in your keybindings you should see as in the image below (I think it defaults blank and you have to set them to whatever keys you want) - the ‘Command’ button is the important one and works the same as before with one two or three taps, (I’ve not found the separate three very useful, but they may work for you)

That’s the hard bit - it’s still mostly going to be luck whether you can find a spot to point to - it doesn’t completely solve the problem, but at least the option’s there (and it does solve things like picking up stones when you want to order follower/ordering follower when you want to pick things up…)


I am on PC, and that solved my problems. I always scanned past that section before, down to the lowest section of commands.


Unless I’m confused more than usual, those default to differing uses of the “E” key on my system but are completely useless in the scenario I mentioned.

An attack command needs a target.
The move command needs a target.
The return command assumes the thrall is out and going somewhere.
The stop command assumes the thrall is /doing/ something.
The command calls up a wheel which will additionally allow you to move the character but is useless in areas where you’re disallowed to place the character - and those are typically the only places where it’s needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I missing something?

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This can be a pretty big pain on console. The X button does way too much stuff, and it’s oddly inconsistent from time to time.

If I look at a thrall and press x, I open his inventory. If I look at a horse and press x I climb onto my horse?

Move to command works well so long as I can clearly see where I want them to move. It can be really hard to get around one when you can’t see past them and it keeps opening their inventory instead of moving them.

Getting stuck and getting out differs a lot depending on where you are. If your at your base you can usually just pick something up and move, so that’s not too bad.

Also I build each story of my building 2 walls high (which is good for those big items and just for less cramped camera indoors)you can Spider-Man past them pretty often.

When your in a dungeon that has no climbing it can be really tricky. Sometimes with enough angling you can get a line of sight past them.

I’ve thankfully never gotten so stuck I had to pull my bracelet to get out but there have been some really close calls


Yes. To all parts :wink: This solves the keybinding problem - as I noted in my reply, it still relies on luck to have a spot you can see past to order them to go to. All this does is allow you to separate ‘interact’ and ‘command’ to separate keys. You can tap the new key for the three options or you can pull up the wheel (I actually forgot the wheel exists until you mentioned it, because I never use it :laughing:). It doesn’t change what the options are or how they function. We still need a ‘Get out of the way, idiot!’ button :laughing:

Yeah, we have the same on pc with the interact button (‘E’ in our case). We can split ‘interact’ and ‘command’ but we still can’t split ‘interact’ and ‘mount’.

Yep, that’s the only way I’ve found of doing it. Follow distances can help a bit sometimes, but that thing followers do where at the end of combat they have to come and stand on whatever I last killed can definitely bring them in too close.

I managed a good one (fortunately in singleplayer, so easily fixable) - dismounted my horse and, for some reason the game chose the wrong side of the horse (don’t know why it does that…) so I wound up trapped partly in the horse and partly in a large rock - couldn’t move, couldn’t order it to anywhere (because it’s a horse…) so eventually used ‘ghost’ mode to get out. Then went to check something in the horse’s inventory and accidentally mounted instead. The horse, with me on it’s back immediately fell through the world and started falling through the ‘endless’ void :laughing: I eventually had to rollback the save as the only way to fix it.

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I’ve wanted this to for a while, i hate when interact is bound with other commonly used actions, same with Y button when looting or trying to quick loot in a situation and you end up crouching lol, then there’s x to mount your mount and y to dismount it and hold x to access inventory, ughhh, those ones could be simplified as well


Oh, OK I see… kuul!

Agreed. :innocent:

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I do this almost every single time I’m trying to quick loot my corpse. And then I have to run away because I’m getting smacked around and have to circle back around and hope I don’t accidentally teabag myself again

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I’m starting to really hate the lack of remapping in games nowadays, plus the excuse of remappable controllers themselves really don’t help, when buttons and interaction buttons are combined and not remappable it makes life a living hell,

Any game that combines interact or things like that with multiple other buttons should always allow remapping

Funcom has an alt controller set up so they’ve shown they can change these around, so hopefully they soon let us remap interact or mount

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