Separate Sensitivity Settings for Ranged Weapon ADS

Thank you for such an amazing game. There are so few good survival games out there and even less on console.

Been messing around with Bows and when searching I didn’t find any posts regarding this. A lot of games now have separate settings for ADS. This is even more important when using a controller with less accuracy than a mouse.

In addition to suggesting a separate sensitivity slider for when aiming down sights using ranged weapons, for some reason the current game increases your sensitivity when aiming with the bow. It seems set to it’s own value and doesn’t change based on the general sensitivity setting. This combined with no aim assist makes it VERY hard to aim the bow using the precision shot.

I’m new to the game but have see that you’ve spent a lot of work making bows more viable. I think these changes would go a long way towards seeing more bow use on console.

Thank you for time and efforts.

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Couldn’t agree more stick sensitivity is way to high for controllers maybe make moving the stick up to halfway have half the sensitivity when using ranged weapons.

I think they should raise the camera and bring it over to the right a bit as its impossible to to see a large portion of the screen because your head is in the way.

Two small changes that would go a long way helping bows see more use.

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