Xbox and PC Problems

First person, being able to look inside of your character. Construction mode is wonky as ever having to toggle crouch while changing the positions of placable blocks. The transition from walking to running, walk/running to swimming is choppy. Going from vertical to horizontal in just under a second. Using the bow is quite an undertaking, and not for any good reasons. Being forced on a time delay while firing the bow is unappealing. The old bow mechanics in previous updates left you with free aim and free timing to exercise the precise shot of the arrow from the bow, as 'twere this a sweet serenade. This might be my desire, but the returning of the bow mechanics would bring me great pleasure. As of now, the bow and myself are distant.

Agreed. With the aiming and not being able control the timing on the bow made archery useless for me last night.

I am glad that I do not suffer alone in this. Have you also found out how to run infinitely? It is quite a bothersome feature. I am certain it is a bug, but it proves annoying mostly, but helpful?