Sequence error with Neebs Gaming door easter egg

Spoilers below for easter egg

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Edition: Steam

(Note: this bug has been in place for as long as I have been playing the game - but I’ve never seen it reported, so it occurred to me that Funcom may not be aware of it.) (As far as I know it is the same on all platforms and all game modes.)

The sound sequences for the ‘Neebs Gaming’ door in E8 play in the incorrect order. Specifically the sequences triggered by the second and third levers have been reversed. (Third should come second, second should come third.)

Installed Mods:

(Occurs with or without mods, on live branch or testlive, on every patch I have played.)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Visit Neebs door easter egg in E8
  2. Follow the instructions given.
  3. Notice that the audio for the second lever should come after the thrid lever is pulled, while the audio for the third lever should come after the second lever is pulled.

Further details (and spoilers):
Pulling the first lever leads to an audio sequence ending in Appsro’s death, the voices of all five guys can be heard.
Pulling the second lever (currently) leads to Thick’s death, the voices of Thick, Doraleous and Simon can be heard (but Neebs is unusually silent)
Pulling the third lever (currently) leads to Neebs’ death, the voices of Neebs, Doraleous, Simon and Thick can all be heard (except Thick is supposed to already be dead).
Pulling the fourth lever finishes the sequence correctly.

Basically, it seems like the audio files for the second and third levers have got linked in the incorrect order (assuming that’s even how UE4 works :wink: ).


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