The Neebs Gaming Easter egg audio plays deaths out of order

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: | Bug | Misc
Region: Northern desert/the den

This is a small but still frustrating as the audio is STILL playing out of order for the Neebs gaming Easter egg at the door located southwest corner of The Den. The Neebs gaming crew; Appsro, Neebs, Thick44, Simon, and Doraleous nearly all die off as we try to save them but the deaths are out of order. (SPOILERS) the first lever kills Appsro, the second kills thick, the third kills Neebs, and the fourth kills Simon HOWEVER listening to the audio tells you the order of deaths SHOULD go Appsro dying to bees, Neebs dying to fire, Thick dying to darts, and finally Simon to a tiger. In the audio for Thick’s death we only hear thick, Simon, and Doraleous but during audio for neebs’ death we hear neebs, simon, Doraleous, and Thick even though he should already be dead. FUNCOM seriously just switch the two deaths around and fix it please. it shouldn’t be that hard. Even Neebs gaming mentioned funcom’s mess up during one of their podcasts months ago.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the door southwest of The Den
  2. Pull on any of the levers to hear Appsro die from bees, then pull a second one to hear Thick44 die from darts
  3. Pull a third lever to hear Neebs die from fire but Thick44 is still talking and “alive” the background
  4. Throw your controller at the screen as you properly rage against the machine.

Thank you

No offence man but this game has 99 problems that need a fix and this one…this is just cosmetic. Do you really want devs time wasted on something as trivial as this when real problems like 100% armour pen from bows, duplication glitches and undermeshing is going on. Cmon man I’m not trying to trivialise how much this may bother you but this is really a minor issue. Just don’t go near the door if it bothers you that much and leave devs time to more important game affecting issues please :pray:t2:

Arent the levers random?

I get it’s a small issue but the fix should be a small one as well, unless the coding is just that much of a mess. It’s just switching two dialogues around. If it’s a big deal to fix it then yes they should focus on more important stuff like the texture issues, armor pen, the crashes, etc. But if they weren’t aware of the issue and can easily fix it then awesome. I’m not sure if they are aware that’s why I’m posting, not expecting a fix just raising awareness.

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There are four levers to push but regardless of which ones you use it still goes the same way, the dialogue is varied to a degree but that’s about it.

Hello @Andrasdaerunning, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for pointing this out, we’ll register it for the developers to look into.

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Doesn’t matter the order you pull them in it plays 1-4 audio when pulling the levers in any order.

What’s really fun is when you run up and pull them all as fast as you can and listen to absolute chaos ensue as the game try’s to play all the audios at the same time.


This is what I do 90% of the time :smiley: :smiley:

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