Delayed Combat Audio, Raining Corpses, Trapped in a Rhino Stomach

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug/Misc
Region: USA

Some or all of these may have been brought up already, but thought I’d report my issues.

A. I have noticed that combat audio is often delayed, i.e. I attack and kill a target and after its death the sounds of battle ring out across the valleys and hills.

B. Often paired with the sound issue, after a target has been killed its body disappears while a pool of blood forms and a few seconds later their corpse(s) rains down from the sky, landing with a splat – I believe this only occurs with the human npc/enemies.

C. When fighting Rhinos, I think the grey ones, they often swallow me whole and I am trapped inside – I can take and give damage, so I often feel like I am killing them from inside – sometimes I can crouch and roll out, but mostly I have to just burst through with my weapon after killing them. This is perhaps the most annoying if the bugs/glitches I have experienced. This has NOT happened with other large animals such as Elephants and Mammoths.

D. Bonus observation: I have also noticed that when I have a thrall follow me the game freezes or pauses (perhaps hiccups is a better term) more often than when I roam out across the lands alone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go out and kill an npc
  2. wait for sound and raining corpses
  3. Go out and fight a Rhino
  4. Get eaten by said Rhino
  5. Kill Rhino from inside
  6. Ask a thrall to follow you
  7. wait for lag/hiccups during combat
  8. Kill thrall to avoid lag/hiccups

This is still a thing, and I’ve noticed points A-C occurring in online PvE play.

Additionally, in online PvE play I have noticed that some of the chests in enemy camps are always empty – and yes I have been able to exclude the possibility that another player has looted it before me.