Serious lag issue

Every ten seconds game glitches out for me (ps5) and all 4 of my friends (PS4) ever since update. Game is unplayable and whatever is causing this in the last update needs to be fixed ASAP. We are playing on European server, but seems to be affecting all servers currently.

It’s a known issue also Europe servers are going down for maintenance from the 24-30 of this month (day start and end may not be 100% correct but by sep first all maintenance should be done in case your server becomes unavailable) currently don’t know why it’s bad but it’s affecting people randomly some on same ps one cannot play other can on same ps just two different accounts. I don’t understand that part


Yep returning player here finding it extremely frustrating. Every time I look in a box or crafting station 10 second load time… I do a 180 10 seconds for my game to render back in my pet to get it’s detail back… Bandages have stopped working and I can’t use heal pots… combat is ridiculously laggy, Cant heal 10 second screen freezes and I’m dead… It’s a joke.

How is there no update from devs? There should have been a hot fix implemented in the first 48 hours to reverse PS update to previous version which worked. Do your job funcom this is pathetic how you’re handling this mess up.

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That is what I want to understand. Same console, same server. One account works, the other have the non stop lags. How?


Please submit your bug report on the correct thread and with the provided template so we can assist you.

Once you start a new post on any of those categories the template will show. Make sure to fill in all the information requested.

Thanks in advance.

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