Occasional huge lag

every few minutes or so, probably like 20 minutesish i have massive lag on a level where the game just become unplayable for about 30 seconds or so. i feel like this is probably when the server is saving. but its really a huge problem, especially for this genre of game. ive lost my stuff to this twice now

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I have the occasional lag for like 5seconds. Almost walked me off a cliff. Scariest thing in the game - but yes definitely needs work and I’ll assume they are working on it. Still a smoother launch and overall experience than some other games i’ve played in the genre. It can only get better (hopefully :speak_no_evil:)

Exactly as mentioned above, the lag seems to be in a cycle. As if the server is being bogged down with a process like saving since everyone experiences the same issue at the same time. Makes every fight a gamble. Trying to remember how long since last spike

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I walked off a cliff a few times because of lags. I have them a lot. I died to when fighting because of it. It is not funny anymore. Hope they fixs it soon.
Even had a Purge,but nothing happend.After a minute it was over not even a fight.

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Yup. Happens here too. I also get crazy frame drops whenever I go into combat as well and it’s constant. Hard to play when you’re constantly dropping to like 10 FPS and darting around like a meth head trying to stab something,

I Saw that the lag / stutter happens when you kill someone, NPC humans, or when those NPCs Interact with creatures… The “animation” that shows when you kill them seems to be the problem…

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