Server 1215 eu pve-c "The purge dont start at all full meter online in purge time plays and fight in purge time"

how do we start it ? because i had full meter for a few days now cant get it anyhiger and nothing pups…

checked server status on purge its open at 18:00 to 24:00 every day or so…
yet we dont get it, is there a way to start it manuel if yes plz link or explain :slight_smile:

anyway hope to hear from you soon because where anoyed that we cant try a purge and learn from it

still pending on some respons :slight_smile:

still waithing for some help lovely no support is here to explain

There are a few other posts about purges not working, this is clearly an on going issue. There is no way to manually start a purge on an official server, so you’ll have to wait for a fix like the rest of us.

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