Purge is not working

The purge in 1975 server is not working. My clan’s meter is full since last monday and still not happened. The only thing that happens is that 10 min for invasion notice, then about a minute later says it was defeated, but never arrived.
The purge is one of the best things in PVE and never works, that’s sucks, a lot of people will stop playing because of bugs like this.

Same in 1976. Purge just work for some people, my clan have not yet experienced purge. My clan’s meter is full too.

On server 1001 purge has not been working for me. Some players report having purges, but they are broken. “Lost” without actually loosing is one example. My purge meter has been full for several days.

Having same problem on pvp server. Our clan bar is full already for over a week. And we only get announcement and is defeated later.

Same here with our clan and our neighbours. Another person we know on the server was waiting for the purge with a full meter for less than a day then got his purge and had an almost full purge meter again straight after!

Any idea if they’re even aware of this bug or working on it??