Purge Is Not Happening


This is on Official PVE PS4 3010.

Our first purge we had the 10 minute warning, a minute later we were told it had been defeated and then 5-10 mins later we got a new 10 minute warning. That purge continued to happen absolutely fine.

We have had a full purge meter for 2 weeks now and no purge. Then at some point last week the warning comes, a minute later it says defeated and then nothing. No new warning like last time, no enemies to be seen, and the purge meter is STILL full.

This isn’t just happening to our clan, there are 2 other clans on the server having the exact same issue. False starts and no actual purge, bars still completely full.

I’m going to start asking around today to find out if any other clans are experiencing the same.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Are the devs aware and looking into it?

My clan is experiencing the same problem. 10min warning, no attackers, 1 min later defeated. purge meter been full since and no purge.

You are not alone)
just leave it here

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