Server 1516 on a crash fest

3 crashes in a row…you guys may want to close the whole game for an hour or so that way you can work server stability crashes

same here I have gotten in twice in the last hour to 1516 but lasted less than 1 minute each time

Same to #1518

the server is totally unstable and crashes aftre 30 seconds

it disappeared from the list for a few minutes them came back,i got in real fast but 30 seconds later I disconnected again and unable to reconnect…again

It’s the same for 1122… seems to be the same problem as a week or 2 ago. Then we had this problem on the server as well for a day or 3.

Hey there,

We released a patch overnight that should’ve resolved this issue.

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I have word US Players on US East servers were told there was a scheduled server restart at 5pm Eastern, but did not seek follow-up about the actual timing. It’s generally a great sign, all I know is it got quiet. :cricket: :cricket:

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