Server #1972 gone?

Where did the #1972 server go? Anyone else having trouble finding it?

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My server is gone as well. Is 1972 the an Oceania server?

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Hi Maufu, I’ve just filled in the server broken google doc for #1953, It’s been down since the daily server reboot (6.15am) Hopefully they’ll get right on it. :grinning:

Lol, I also filled out that report at about 8am NSW for 1953 … guess we have just joined the list of official servers that need personal attention from an Admin to do a programmmed automatic function properly…lets see if it happens again tomorrow

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3 Oceanic server down #1971 #1953 #1965

Your a legend Styxs. There’s dragons to slay and thralls to capture, they hopefully will get it sorted quick !

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i have been trying to log on since 9 this morning but forgot what sever number it was. had to submit with the ip instead

Same here, I was playing last night, but suddenly got logout, and I can’t find the server on the list anymore. I will see whether it will be appear tonight or not :frowning:

Yep. Hope it’s back up soon

Thankfully you reported it, tried to login this morning and couldnt find it anyplace, still not there. I hope we are not going to lose everything!

Sent a ticket to g portal and one server is back up so far. I’ll keep watch on the other two.

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#1972 is back up finally!

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