Official server #1951 not responding

Official server #1951 PvE Oceania is showing as up, but is not responding and there is a time out during log in. This is confirmed by another player on their PC. This is not a network issue at our end, some other servers will load, but all my progress is on this one and we hardly want to start again.

Any info on what is going on?

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It happens often, we 1952 players, are also having the same issue… They just don’t care for us aussies

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Ok it came back for an hour or two, then crashed again. After two hours, disappeared from the list, so I think, Ok, they are restarting it. Later on, I get back in to find half my thralls missing, mostly tier III. They took ages to find and break.

Holy crap, funcom, you have outdone yourselves with this patch. It is a satire of MMO patches that break more than they fix. I should really ask for a refund for this broken game. I have never found myself indulging in this kind of criticism of games in the past, knowing how difficult the process is, but in this case you all deserve the criticism. Ask yourselves why would players continue to play a game based on hard work and in game achievments when those achievements are casually lost during server crashes, resets or patches?

Why would a player put themselves through this?

Down again! How much will we lose this time?

we at 1952 feel the pain! we thought it was just us lol

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