Server 2020 starting area blocked

Dear Funcom. I play on Xbox, pve-c server 2020. I do not know where to submit this so apologies if this is not the correct channel but some clan have built a wall around the entire desert (starting area) preventing any new players to enter the Exiled Lands…

I hope you will look into this.

Kind Regards.


You can read the rules for forum . It’s in the login page. You can also send a private message to @Community or @Hugo don’t mention clan names or players names in open forum if you can send screen shots and as much information you can send.

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LMAO, for real? That’s just funny and tragic at once. I hope they will get suspended for game permamently.

Direct link to the official server Terms of Conduct, as well as guidelines for reporting abuse and rule-breaking:


@Kapoteeni thanks. I have to learn how to use links . First time on a forum.

I have that particular page bookmarked so I can easily copy-paste the address. I seem to need it several times a week.

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Thank you I can book mark.

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