Server 2584... Unable to log onto that server all day?

Unable to log into server

Yeah I noticed that I’m in 2584 in a clan called Yogs Chosen someone hit our base so when we build a treb and pyramid outside of their base they got scared and spam reported us love to see that they failed an offline raid and are reporting when we haven’t even made our first move yet

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When was the last time anyone was able to login to 2584?

Same thing happen to us on 2578. Looty use 3 God’s on us and we survived them all but lost a ton of thralls. Then reported us from his 8+ alt accounts got us dev wiped and we still defended. But rebuilt and was suspended for 14 days. So he god us again and sent us pics bragging about it. Now I have screen shots after I rebuilt for a 3rd time of him hitting us for 13 conservative days… Grieving anyone. …

Hello everyone and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We are currently working alongside G-portal to restore this server.

We appreciate your patience.

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