Can't log in while getting purged?

official server 1933. I’m currently getting purged and can’t log in. The rest of my clan is having trouble logging in and with huge lag issues that make it unplayable. The server is online according to battlemetrics. My base is getting destroyed and my clan mates lost their bodies full of valuables because of this. Thralls are getting killed. I still can’t log in 30 minutes later. Awesome work guys! Don’t get upset and ban me over criticism because your glitches and bugs are ■■■■■■■■ players who’ve spent $50+ on this game. Quality control and stress testing is important for THIS very reason. You want someone to stress test this game? Hit me up because I will break it. Whatever the devs are doing, STOP. Everytime a patch get released, nothing is new but everything gets screwed up. You are ■■■■■■■ off loyal players. The people in my clan are already considering uninstalling. I’m saying all this for your own good. If you ban me or delete this post, you’re our point.

How many thralls are we going to lose here? How many valuable items are we going to lose?

Hey @BlueNinja

While we understand the frustration and disappointment, we would like to ask you to try to provide us some constructive feedback in order for us to relay it to our team so it can be taken care of.
How many people were in the server at that moment? Did you experience any lag prior or after the purge? Has this server experienced any connectivity issues during the past few days?

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