Server 3522 PS4 community arena coming soon!


Tired of farming and getting bored after awhile. Come join in on the blood sport of gladiatorial combat. The arena will be located just West of the Klael’s Stronghold attunement stone. There will be 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s as well as a free-for-all death match.
No rules of fighting other than fighting to the death. Winnings are to be determined. Most likely winning the spoils of your enemies. The arena will be hosted during PvP conflict timer so be prepared, and don’t bring anything you don’t mind losing to an opponent. More details will be added when the time comes.
Message myself KaashiHunter on here or PS4 as KaashiHunter.

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I like the idea… One thought…

Can you do a free for all/chest scramble where players have to race to and use random loot they find in the fight?

Sorry for the late reply. I could give that some thought. The arena is nearly done. Just a bit of decorating. My clan plans to find legendary or even make hard to craft items and place them in a chest for rewards yo those how triumph in battle. As hard is it to say. Giving people random weapons could result in people just nabbing them and running off. But I shoot the to my clan members as an idea. Would not be anything expensive giving if it’s implemented.

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