Server 3592 on ps4

Ever since last update each time I sign in my thralls are damn near dead very low health. What is going on, yall are messing the game up more than your fixing it

Still have a hole in part of my base it wont let me fix I’m in a tree above an area where thralls spawn, wont let me move my thralls at base anymore, says thralls not allowed, did yall make it where I cant build here now or what

Like how are they supposed to defend my base when I’m offline if they have 200 health and are hunched over looking like an easy target to kill, fix the game, put things back the way they were, not that hard, waste all that time getting high level thralls for yall to just screw up and make it easy for anyone to kill them geez

The list just goes on and on map rooms disappearing that I put up recently, went by them in the last three days get on today structure still there maproom gone, nothing in the log, you devs sure know how to make people wanna quit

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