Thralls need to be fixed ps4

Game mode: [Online
Problem: All broken thralls dont heal which means no base defense all of my high level thralls died last night due to this issue thralls also refuse to equip weapons. Unbroken thralls fall under the map this has happened to me 4 times in a row trying to get a level 3 smelter. Thralls also spawn multiple times i went to kill one archer and got jumped by about 30 some thralls turn invisible and only the weapon can be seen. These are the only issues i have found but it is very frustrating and quite game-breaking it takes away the point in having base defense slaves and ruins the point in trying to knock them out
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Knock out a thrall try to give it a weapon
    2.knock out a smelter in the highlands not sure if it works anywhere else but it falls under map
    3.go up to what looks to be one thrall but is many
  2. Try using a dancer to heal thralls
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This crap still hasnt been fixed? The game has been out almost 2 whole weeks and thralls are a core and major aspect of the game, this kind of crap is unbelievable. If this isnt fixed bt Tuesday, which is PSNs main day for patches and releases, im calling for mass refunds.


Yep, you’d think something as pivotal to gameplay as thralls would be a high priority, high urgency issue, but apparently not. But you know, we’re just on console; second class citizens.

Kinda of makes you wonder why they bothered porting at all if this is how we were going to be handled.

Oh wait we don’t have to wonder, must’ve just needed more money to continue developing for PC.