Thralls at base dying for no reason!?!

Guys, …singleplayer, spent hours and hours leveling 3 good thralls for base defense, good hear… probably 20-30 hours invested, go on an adventure across the map, come back, they’re gone - event log says they died. Thrall pot was feeding them gruel…full of it…why is this a thing? game’s been out 3 years now…why are we still dealing with alpha version crap? Thrall system was great, next you mess up the thrall feeding mechanics, next you make Archer thralls suicidal jump-off-cliffers, and now a player invests 20 hrs to build up a base with thrall defenders, and they just go “pooof!” whats next, my PC explodes? Bug fest galore, its unbelievable! as if someone is paying you to create bugs and problems for your playerbase. Things were working fine, but you just gotta poop the bed somehow. i’m certain that with a few new “hotfixes” and “new patches” this thing will implode completely. Learn from Nioh, Dark souls, MGSV how to make games. How do i get my 20 hours back now? M? Any ideas? THrall decay is off, building decay - off, and they still were gone…?!..pfffffff.

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I have heard that thralls dying mysteriously may be do to them being killed by anti undermeshing, though I’m not sure how accurate that is

I had two separate thralls die on my single player game with no explanation. They were alive, I logged out, I came back and they were dead.

They died after it said the server was closed

Thankfully I’ve not had this issue online, but I know that no help for single players

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Hi you can go to:

Game Menu > Server Settings > Make me Admin

Game Menu > Admin Panel

There you can spawn thralls, and level them up.

Good Luck!

They don’t die if you don’t feed them anymore, the thrall pot is a way for people with 75 thralls to feed them easily. Like me with my little palaces.

If they’re dying with no logged event, there are a number of circumstances that can kill them in the real world. Our clan regularly loses walls and ceilings due to meteors, and if there were thralls there they’d be swept away too. The log will show “killed by .” Or “destroyed by .”

Make sure they’re behind walls, with good armor and great weapons. The Exiled Lands are harsh.


they were at noob river starter base! i hate when this stuff happens! i kinda like my thralls not perishing under mysterious conditions…you get attached to them, level them, build a cute lil base, look forward to tackle some base defense purges, and then… Pooof! what happened?! and when you start layering other little things and bugs, the game becomes annoying, and its a great game! I hate when that happens! Anyway, i am becoming an admin panel “expert” unwillingly to compensate for anomalies. :smiley: i just hate to use the admin panel - breaks immersion and gives you that “i’m a cheater now” feeling. hate it. i like organic gameplay - it is immersive and builds a unique story every time.

i hate when i do that…breaks immersion for me and the novelty of actually playing the game organically, but in this case it is warranted i guess

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