Server 6436 Constantly going down and staying down

I have played on server 6436 for quite a few months and since they added the new islands the server goes down constantly and stays down sometimes for hours. I do not understand why this is happening or why it is not being fixed. It really sucks to have spent so many hours creating a base and leveling up myself and some thralls and now I often can not even get on to play. I use to love this game but it is starting to get frustrating that i can not play on the server i have established myself on. As of right now it has been down about 10 hours, it should not be down that many hours, is there no one looking over and fixing these problems?

It also seems like there is only ours and 6437 that constantly go down, I watch the list of servers and those two seem to almost always be down at the same time and no one seems to be taking care of those two cause they stay down for hours sometimes.

Funcom server has been down for over 15hrs dafuq is this sht fix it guys…

1213 down too

Server 1040 ist down too for 12 hours now.

up here

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