Server API for private servers!

Hello Everyone,

Okay, this is something that might not make sense to everyone but it is still something that would be really nice to have.

I was looking for a API plugin program for my server. I wanted to add a program that rewards people that are voting for my server. Just to clarify a Server API can be a program that makes it possible to add third party plugins to your server like this one:

It is run by this Server API:

However i discovered that this was not something that was added to the Conan exiles server. I then started to look for a third party API but again with no luck.

I would say that this is something that would be interesting to have in the future :slight_smile:
We are using this site to promote our server: It is a non corrupt server promotion site :smiley: You cant buy the number one spot :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they would have some interest in making a plugin for a Conan server API.

@Tascha :slight_smile: