Server conan exiles pvp

Hello everyone, I come to recommend the server with name (EU) “EVA BAR EVENTS, MISSIONS” IP is, we are a server with 4 months old, but we did wipe the day 8/5 / 2018 for the official exit of the game, for those who do not know what is wipe, is to restear the server so that everyone starts from 0, it is a pvp server, in which we play with 2 modes, Monday to Wednesday do not miss the objects when dying, and from Thursday to Monday at 5:30 AM if they are lost, but the pvp and the damage to structures is always active, the experience and collection is x10, we have good community, discor own, active admin, we carry out events every week, such as maze, game of catapults, game of bombs, siege to the castle we inaugurated this Saturday and more, we are growing with rates of between 10 to 20 players in the afternoon and the more weekends, we have 25 slots with the idea of ​​expanding it soon due to the growth that we are spicing, we have a startet pack, in the starting areas, where there are in the 6 exits an area with cupboards, with pick, ax, sword 2 hands and iron skinning knife and 2 initial armors, so that I will be a bit easier and bearable at the beginning, we will also start making houses admin to raidear by players with prizes within them, well we hope to all, a greeting

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