Server crashing help please!

We’re having problems with random crashes throughout the day. We use GTX as our server host and we’ve been told we’re using about 9 GB of RAM, which is high for a Conan Server. Last time we had an issue it was a mod order thing and you all were really helpful in assisting us getting it fixed, so I’m hoping you can help us out again.

Here is our mod order:
All the Little Things
Stone Statues
Pythagoras support beams
Savage Steel
Less Building Placement Restrictions, No NPCS

The issue started happening a few days ago. No new mods were added, we’ve used these same ones together for several months.The server crashes more in the evening and over night than it does during the day. I thought maybe it was stone statues, as that mod has a lot of beams and vortexs that could be causing the server to use a lot of RAM.

Thank you!

There was a patch on the 10 April 2019 … so if the crashes started then it’s probably a mod issue.
(Another patch on 15 April.)

Yeah. The crashes started happening on 4/13 and 4/14. I’m concerned about the RAM usage and why it would be so high. It’s currently at 9.3 GB RAM usage. I’m just not sure how to go about testing the mod order to see if it’s the order of the mods that needs to be changed.

Not sure if this info will help, but I was advised on pippi discord to ensure pippi mod is first, and AoC is last. So move pippi to the top and AoC to the bottom for starters.

Not sure how pippi order relates to All the little things. You could ask in their discord about that one. But feels to me like that should come after pippi mod.

EDIT: Forgot to ask, do you see any error in the log that could help? I assume you checked already (or log was meaningless). But thought I better check just in case.

EDIT2: FYI I run the following and it uses 4.4GB of ram. Maybe remove 1 mod at a time on a test install to determine which mod is causing it (if any). I would imagine the more assets placed in the world the higher the RAM usage, so it may be normal for a very busy/used server.


If you need help installing a test version on your PC let us know.

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