Server Down on official server 1522

Not sure where to post this: server is down, 0/40 players, max ping. Tried ping workaround with direct connect to IP address, no dice. It appears to be the server as this problem was encountered by others who tried to log onto my server (Official server 1522). Could I possibly get a server restart?

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It’s been down for 3 hours now Ghar, I tried being patient but put in a ticket help desk ticket a few minutes ago. Disconnected fighting Gorillas =/

LOL, get back from camping and what do I get. . . Thanks though, hopefully you don’t die!

yeah im worried about my new horse i was leveling, he just a lvl 10 but was doing so well! lol I would go to bed if i was logged out somewhere safe

It’s back up. Reset worked. Thanks!

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