Server failure 4510

server failure, I can’t access any server in Latin America, I am from the São Paulo region DDD11, the ping is showing 9999 and 0/40 players,

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I live in SP and I have the same problem (ping 9999, and 0/40), today 05/22 I was able to connect, but at 19h the connection dropped and returned to give the same error. Because the ping is unresponsive, it is clear that something is blocking the connection to the g-portal server. Just find out if it’s my ISP or g-portal. Only servers in Latin America have this problem (all of them, with the exception of a private server, which appears normal to ping). The other servers I can connect to normally.

Hi, we’ve looked into the LATAM servers and they’ve been active throughout the last few days, we’ll reach out to you both privately to run some network tests and help us determine if there could be any ISP related issue.

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