Server gone #3950 again


Game mode: Online:

#3950 is down again

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


any Community Manager here?


still down


still down


Hey there, sorry we missed your previous comments and for the trouble regarding your server. We’ll check it out. In the future, please try to use our server report tool: Is your server unavailable? Use our report tool!


thank Spynosaur_Nicole can I ask why is the server is down so much just #3950


Official server #3950 down for what reason? it was working during the halloween patch, now it’s not showing since the patch has been removed four days ago. I have loads of resources and a huge building, will this be gone when it comes back?, that is not the only problem, as whith many servers they are filled with lag, missing or losing bodies and collected resources.
How long must we waitfor this server to be repaired?.


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