Server info/welcome page

Would be fantastic if we could have a welcome page for our servers, a page we could freely write on and list up rules, who the admins are etc.

It’s important that it pops up when someone enters the game and has an “OKAY” button on the bottom to close it. Like when we read books etc ingame. Not a page that shows only during loading or else it might disappear too fast for some to read.

It could be something as simple as allowing us to add a JPEG file into a folder location and have the game display it.

Or perhaps just have a Server Info tab in the same window where we have our attributes/inventory/feats etc.


It should be something you could chose, if an ok is needed or it disperses after a time you set. An example could be 30 seconds or something like that :grinning: The problem with an ok box is that it is a little disruptive.

Well, I personally would find it way more disruptive having to wait 30 seconds rather than just closing a window instantly when you enter the server.

But I think perhaps it would be better to have a Server Info tab along with the attributes/feats/ etc window.