Server Merge / Character Transfer Problem

So FUcom is merging servers and my clan needs to move; not a problem. FUcom has said we can transfer these accounts overencumbered; Great! We’ve been trying for two days now to transfer out but it will not let us because the message says “Cannot transfer overencumbered character”. So I submitted a trouble ticket and with 20 minutes, the ticket was changed to “SOLVED”; Awesome!! I went back into the server to transfer and had the same message so I submitted another ticket and with an hour, the ticket was changed to “SOLVED”; Awesome again. So I went back into the server, after server reset this morning, and guess what…“cannot transfer overencumbered character”.

Is anyone else, that is being forced to move, have the same issue? Also, does anyone know exactly what FUcom means by saying the ticket is “SOLVED” because nothing in fact has been solved.

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I read earlier that transfer was put on hold due to problems.

Really? Is that on a forums page because I haven’t seen that?

Sorry it was the merger it self misunderstood I apologize.

Actually it’s the merge that will happen even if you’re over encumbered.
If you just do a regular transfer you are still subject to the standard encumbrance rule.

If you want to move without the over-encumbrance you’ll have to wait until you’re officially moved by the merger.

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That’s not completely true because a few of my clan have already transferred to another server completely full and HEAVY overencumbered. Pretty much half my clan have picked up and moved out fully packed.

What’s the secret then?

They may have inadvertantly used the bug that allows this.

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That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Was it a glitch that allowed some of my clan to do it or is it a glitch that will not allow others in my clan to do it?

What’s the bug? So I can obviously make sure not to do it

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The first rule of fight club, is you don’t talk about fight club.

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That’s funny right there! :rofl:

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Last poster got kicked i believe. But google youtube.

Hi @chairforce1

The server merges have been put on hold due to an issue we’ve encountered.
You can read more about that here: Trimming official servers - #973 by Pliskin
Until the merges are back, you will not be able to transfer overencumbered.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on this.