Server Message Of The Day not working!

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: USWEST

I contacted support though g-portal, regarding this issue. He tried his best and we went back and forth over the course of 15-25 minutes. Unfortunately, he concluded with not being able to fix the problem. He informed me he would contact the developers team. I am posting this to bring further awareness to very annoying problem. I am hosting an RP server, and not being able to have a message of the day to get people in discord and read the rules is a HUGE inconvenience!

Thank you for reading funcom, i hope you end up resolving this issue sooner than later :slight_smile:

It functionality works it’s just mitigated by players being kept in the world if you log out. You would have to disable offline characters remain in the world server side so it’s a fresh spawn into the server to show motd.

Funcom should make motd come up regardless if you are ‘offline in world or not’

I agree. Players will exploit this and add all their loot to there body and log out.