Server Official #1999 - Any words from Funcom? G-Portal is trying to help

Hello mods,

Any words about the Official server 1999? The server is still with the “Eternal Loading Screen”. If not, the server reboots and stays offline for 15 minutes, repeating it all day long. If the server doesn’t reboot in 30-30 mins, all the players that try to connect won’t be able to, staying in the “eternal loading screen bug”.

The players of the server and I have been in contact with G-PORTAL and helped them in gathering info, as they asked for a better analysis with you.

You mods also told us that new hardware were about to arrive for this server, but yet, no words about it.

Although this issue really ■■■■■■ everyone, we would still insist in playing the game, recommending it for friends, and being patient (since the game is already on 1.0).

Thus, as a signal of good faith, could you please provide us with any info you got regarding this matter, Funcom?


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Same history with the server 1997. Servers 1997, 1998 and 1999 have this issue

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Any words, Funcom? We won’t bite.

Any news about the maintenance in the server 1997 1998 and 1999?

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