Server Outage, Official Server #1600 PvP -

Outage start: 1955 GMT
Server appears in list but refuses all connections, ping and tracert operate with no issues.
Requesting estimate time to repair.


Server came back up and allowed players to connect at about 2130 GMT and went down again at about 0033 GMT. Cannot currently connect to the server, tracert and ping both getting solid returns, Battlemetrics is showing me still connected and in game, as well as my clan and other members of the discord channel, despite them all reporting being forcibly disconnected from the server.

0210 GMT
Server is still inaccessable to players.
Returns ping and tracert with no issues.
Shows as active and connected using battlemetrics and returning queries from battlemetrics.
Currently server has been down for about 90 minutes after being reported.
If any other players are able to access this server, please post here when you are able to.

Please note, this has been reported through Funcom’s outage reporting system.

1134 GMT
Server is accessable to players again, according to battlemetrics I was on there for approx 4 hours after the server kicked me, new logins began occuring at about 0630 GMT.
This suggests that the server was down for approx.4 hrs from initial report.

Hey ghrrum,

The server seems to be up and running correctly. Could you try to connect to the server manually by typing its number?


Yea, gportal is a useless garbage company. I’ve had nothing but problems with them since I opened my server. Nothings ever their fault, it’s always yours. They can’t take responsibility for anything and refuse to give you and kind of refund when you get sick of their b.s. They tell you they’ll send your request further up the line, but they don’t actually do anything. DO NOT EVER RENT FROM THIS GARBAGE COMPANY.

Please report future issues to the appropriate place:

I am not a forum moderator (no blue aura), but would say reporting it to the place it should be going will, relatively speaking, speed up the process.

Actually, they helped me quite well when i was reporting problems with my private server. They moved my server to new hardware that was in less use and now everything is fine most of the time.

I always found their [German] support Team friendly and helpful.

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