Server connection reporting tool

You took down the server “down” reporting tool.

Zendesk doesn’t respond quick as G-portal did.(?)

So players are laying around @ a crash/down and try to login, wich takes hours of frustration, and we eventually give up, only to return to a looted corpse later.

We (urgently?) need a place to report a down (Official?) server, with a direct response.
-Specially in the weekends when we are having some time off to play.

As I understand it, the GPortal tool is (and was) meant for for GPortal customers, i.e. renters of private servers.

Funcom is GPortal’s customer in the case of officials; the Zendesk approach is the only way to go, so Funcom can raise the issue with GPortal. I would think that it’s likely the way that GPortal would insist it was done, rather than just Funcom.

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“Conan exiles official server report tool”.

Ive used it like 100 times.

10-30 mins and a server would run again, even during weekends.

Yes, I know about the former report tool. I also know about reporting directly to GPortal.

What I was observing is that that is probably not how GPortal want servers down to be reported. The users of the official server aren’t GPortal’s customers, Funcom are.

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This situation atm.

We are playing , building, the server crashes.

We are outside carrying important stuff.

We want to login and continue, we can’t.

Our characters lay around to be looted, and in pve-c we have to hope the server gets up again before pvp time starts.

When FC throws in patches and oncontrolled wich create errors and crashing, …
at least we should be able to get a fast reboot of a server as we had.

The game is not fixed with that but al least we can play on instead of being frustrated with a game we spend money on with the expectation to have fun with instead.

I now have to spend the latter day of my free sunday to wait out what happens,
IF anything happens…

Yes, could be, thats all guessing from your side?

My point is that Funcom should provide a similar tool, if they stop the old one.

Yes, but a guess based on providing a lot of years of IT support for service providers.

They did; it’s what they provide with Zendesk. Let’s just agree to disagree, shall we? I hope your day gets better…

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So how are we supposed to report if an official server is down now?
My server is down for 15min now, Im in the middle of a very large inventory management, and honestly I have been looking for and I cant find anything…

Submit a request – Funcom

is the way that they introduced to replace the old form…


This ^^

In addition:


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