Server down reporting system

does not work

So is FUncom not fixing official serves any more?

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Hey there,

Funcom has recently put this method out of use, as well as the “Report Server” button. Players are also no longer refered to it.
They likely stopped using this method because currently, server issues are mostly caused by in-game issues and exploits rather than issues with Gportal, making it harder to handle issue reports.

Official servers are still being maintained. You can submit reports through the proper bug report subforum using the [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines, which is :pushpin: pinned at the top of each subforum. Your issue report may, however, get a faster response if posted on G-Portal’s forums or media channels instead.
Server browser issues are still being worked on for all platforms. The 9999 ping issue may take longer to be fixed, as it’s different per case.

No way to tell FUncom their servers are down, got it.

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