Server RCON using help

Hi guys
I am using RCON through mcrcon.

I was able to check the user list.
Also, the broadcast worked normally.

But I’m trying to kick a specific bug user
: Syntax error, see help for usage.
out put.

referred help for this
: KickPlayer
Usage: kickplayer (index|name|userid|platformid|player)

I want to know information about identification and how to use it.
give me full example of this


thx for reply
yes mcrcon is using for Minecraft but rcon tool is not for certain game.

basically rcon is communication way.
which mean Remote Console.

I found how to use user kick command with parameter on my own.
here share for example of usage I hope many server admin refer it.

Idx | Char name | Player name | User ID | Platform ID | Platform Name

in this chart u can reference which one element



kick userid [userid]


kick platformid [platformid]

is really simple command but don’t forget type parameter before element.

This isn’t Minecraft…lol

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