Unable to announce anything to my server

I’m currently using the dedicated Server Launcher, and have my own server up and running. but i cant seem to set any “server reset” warning or send announcements to the server via the DSL. the options are there but it doesnt post in game or anywhere on my server window. Do I need to open a port for this? I have people playing on my server and everything else works fine. I’m guessing maybe theres some ISP that im missing. Hewp! pls!! &THxz!

Yes, it uses the Rcon port to send that “warning message.”



i already have that port forwarding, still not working.

Can I assume then that you have also enabled RCon and are broadcasting?


I’ve also noticed it’s a good idea to also set the Karma field to 9999 if you’re the only one posting broadcasts. But that’s just me.

yes I do.

I’m not sure why you are having this problem but this thread is a good place to ask and @Toolguy might be able to help. FYI, I linked you to the end of the thread, not to a relevant post. Best of luck to ya.

You seem to be missing a password in the RCON settings.

Generally, to diagnose these things, I search for “rcon” in the game server log, and I look at the DSL log tab while sending a message with “Send” to see if any error is shown.

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The pictures I posted are generic, they aren’t pics from @A_Nightfury’s actual DSL, so I have no idea if he/she has an RCON password set. Thanks for the reply though, that may very well be the issue. :+1:

Then I guess @A_Nightfury need to post a complete screenshot of the UI, possibly blurring the private stuff.